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2016 Annual Workshop between GAA and CAPPMA


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26th January,2016,Mr. Steven, Vice President of the Global Alliance for Aquaculture (GAA), and Ms. Jinghua Bi, Manager of GAA China, visited China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) having an in-depth discussion with alliance officers. The workshop shared the achievements in last year of both parties and negotiated the key cooperation fields in the future.

Mr. Steven introduced the development situation of the GAA in 2015. It shows that more than 300 aquaculture enterprises obtained the BAP certificate in 2015, which is expected to exceed 1000 enterprises by 2016. In addition, GAA has started the I-BAP project, aimed to promote the small and medium farms and the cooperatives’ producing behavior. At the same time, GAA is strengthen the communication with the departments of fishery administration, CIQ and CNCA in China to introduce the conception of the sustainable development into aquaculture industry, with China is the biggest production and trade country of aquatic product in the world.

Dr. Cui He, Vice President of CAPPMA, reviewed the main achievements of CAPPMA in 2015, especially the large international forums, international exhibitions and seafood procurement guidelines. He appreciated the cooperation and looked forward to working together in a much broader area in the future between CAPPMA and GAA.

Mr. Di Gang, Deputy Secretary General of CAPPMA, mentioned the plan of Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Exhibition in Xiamen, SAIL Shanghai and GOAL annual meeting 2016 with Mr. Steven, ascertained the procedures and details of cooperation in 2016.

With the good momentum of development, the workshop has achieved fruitful results, which will promote the partnership of both side in Globe Aquaculture Summit, International Shrimp Forum, International Tilapia Forum and the GOAL annual meeting effectively. CAPPMA and GAA will boost the bilateral relationship, provide service to the China aquatic industry contributing to a healthy aquaculture in China.